Other steel structures


We offer a functional steel structure for different sports (soccer, hockey, handball, bowling, tennis...) which may have different substrates (artificial grass carpet, polyurethane rubber base...), and can be heated or cooled.

All buildings are designed to safely tolerate wind or snow.

Our Halls can be modified according to the needs of different sports activities and major events. A great choice for sports activities which require a large free space without pillars. Also, the hall can be divided into several smaller objects using lightweight PVC walls or networks, in order to simultaneously perform a variety of sporting activities.



In our offer we have a wide range of services related to the production and installation of canopies to custom business objects and specific wishes.

Raising of new and upgrading of existing canopy at business facilities provide space, protection from the weather and shape according to the specific needs of the client.



We are able to produce and assemble various shapes and dimensions of the halls for all purposes. Our Halls are possible to dismantle and rebuild or move to another location in a complete form. The Halls are very flexible and it is possible to upgrade the existing facility.

Anchoring steel rod is one of the factors quickest installation of halls.

This system provides strengthend halls in any conditions.

For the base are asphalt or concrete usually sufficient.