Industrial tents

Steel structures have an advantage in usability, aesthetics, economy and flexibility.

Industrial tents will increase the flexibility of your business premises and production. Halls can supplement during their working lives - the purpose, location, products and materials can be changed. We can customize the size, location, or isolate your halls and add extensions as needed.

Halls are spacious and bright without pillars so they provide the usability of the whole area. They enable smooth movement of machinery inside the hall.

Thanks to the air- impermeable structure, the humidity level inside the hall can be maintained at the same level without additional heating, regardless to the time of year and weather conditions. Accordingly to that our  halls can be used for storing wood, paper, cardboard, metal and electronic equipment. They can also serve for storage of machinery and equipment, or for the protection of agricultural machinery, raw materials or appliances.

The final appearance of the hall can be adapted to the area in which you reside, using a palette of colors, cover and application of the desired logo. The customer can choose the logo, symbols and graphic elements that will be on the cover.

Whether you are looking for a hall for storage of large or small machinery, tools and equipment, PVC cover material provides protection from weather elements.

The main cover is of high quality PVC fabric that despite its strength has exceptional bandwidth of light and therefore the hall does not require additional lighting. The cover is possible to combinations: single or double pvc fabric, coating panels and / or plate.

The material is completely impermeable to air, so that effectively controls the level of humidity in the building. Strength and color of the covering materials are made specifically for each separate project.