Industrial halls

Production halls

Our halls offer practical solutions for a wide variety of industrial plants. Solid structure and permanent technical experience make our halls ideal and versatile for industrial use.

The Hall can be used as a manufacturing facility for any type of production. It’s not supported with columns, which means that the entire space can be used for productive purposes.

Production halls can also be used as a combination of warehouse and production facilityes. These two areas can be easily separated by partition walls. If you change the use, capacity or products in the halls, it is simple to change the construction and equipment of your hall.

In any design and construction of industrial facility and manufacturing plants we are individually guided by the wishes and needs of the individual client. We guarantee the safety of all types of goods, starting from those seeking the most demanding conditions, such as sensitivity to moisture, temperature difference or flammable items.

Agricultural halls

The advantage of steel structures have been recognized in the construction of agricultural buildings such as farms, halls for hay or for agricultural machinery.

We emphasize fewer requirements for foundations and prefabricate the construction on the site, which contributes to the speed of construction of such agricultural buildings. With tight deadlines of fabrication and assembly, we are able to perform separate and auxiliary facilities of the steel profiles, and there remains the possibility of combining with other materials, such as wood, concrete and glass.

They are also customizable: they can be isolated, dammed or expanded, you can add new doors and other properties.